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MAUL Semi-Automatic Shotgun Fires Taser Rounds

MAUL Semi-Automatic Shotgun Fires Taser Rounds

The MAUL semi-automatic shotgun fires non-lethal taser rounds…

There’s one flaw that haunts all non-lethal weapons and that’s distance; tasers require the user to be in close proximity to the perpetrator, and other solutions such as rubber bullets, or water cannons can be ineffective when fired from a distance far, and lethal at close ranges.

That’s where the MAUL comes in, a semi-automatic shotgun that features a modular taser cannon which can be used either on its own stand alone stock, or whilst mounted to a combat rifle.

maul semi-automatic 12 gauge and taser shotgun

MAUL Semi-Automatic 12 Gauge Shotgun and Taser Cannon

The lightweight weapon, developed by Taser International and Australian firm Metal Storm, was designed to give the military and law enforcement the ability to switch seamlessly between effective non-lethal and lethal munitions. Weighing in at just 1.8lbs, the MAUL is the lightest semi-automatic, 12 gauge weapon ever developed for such a purpose.

The MAUL gives the user a choice of 5.56mm and 12 gauge lethal munitions, as well as range of non-lethal options such as blunt impact, electro-muscular incapacitation, frangible nose chemical and marker munitions.

maul stand alone stock or combined combat rifle

MAUL Stand Alone or Combined With Combat Rifle

Electronically powered, the Maul can fire up to five taser rounds every two seconds, and can be rapidly reloaded by inserting another 5 round magazine.

And as the company quite importantly points out, having two weapons combine in one stock, means that if any malfunctions occur, the user still has an alternative weapon with which to defense themselves.

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