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Media Servers

Media Servers

Media Streaming for Any Screen - Wowza Media Server makes media and video streaming simple and cost-effective for any screen in any industry.

Wowza goal is to deliver high-end media servers and software for video streaming. Wowza products and services includes many great features that companies will benefit from. They are designed to help reach large audiences reliably, create a more engaging experience, and to develop a unique video messaging interface.

Wowza Media servers have a unique any-screen/any-platform streaming capability, and with all the options available for consumers decide on different computers, mobile devices, and operating systems; it is important to make sure that your media service is accessible to all of these variables. This is where Wowza’s media servers stand out. They offer an ideal and powerful solution for a wide variety of applications for all business types.

When it comes to functionality, economy and overall value, no other media server comes close to what Wowza servers can offer.

Business Media Server

Digital media is quickly growing and makes up a large portion of marketing, sales, and content delivery for all businesses. The future of media is here, and the industry has drastically changed over the last decade. For businesses who want to take advantage of these opportunities available, should enlist the services from a professional. Videos and media requires a high demand of resources for your computer hardware and is maintenance intensive. You need to provide a consistent and reliable service, and you should take on a team that can provide just that.

With professional media servers, you are able to concentrate on your business while the geek pros make sure your system stays online and peak performance. With the extra capabilities you can begin to branch out and reach out to a larger audiences, improve quality, and reduce costs with a simple workflow.

There are specific requirements and array of variables as this industry grows and trys to offer compatibility to as many devices and platforms as possible. The array of details necessary for a digital media server needs to take assess to ensure it’s able to provide media to the widest group possible, can be an endless process for those who are not involved in the industry full-time. Teaming up with professional services takes this worry out of the equation, and they will handle all that for you. Knowledge is power and time is money. Make sure you are using both correctly.

Server Performance

Wowza Media servers are equipped with power from their multithreaded software. It is able to deliver up to 10Gbps of video streaming performance per-server with on-demand live streaming. This allows for top performance all continually. The performance of their media servers can be scaled to meet your needs. It can go from 10Gps for large demand to a single server. Loan balancing makes sure the demands of any one server are effectively managed.

Wowza Media servers unify H.264 video streaming in a single workflow. Users can stream any screen simultaneously with the additional option to take live non-H.264 content to any H.264 compatible screen with Wowza’s add-ons. An extensive set of API’s and the power of Java allows you to extend functionality to fit perfectly with your applications and environment. This scalability allows their media severs to be ready for anything the future has in store.

Apple/Mac, Windows, Liunx, etc. platform users were all considered when developing the Wowza Media Server 3. It provides the freedom to users to decide on the operating system they want. Let the Apple VS. Windows war rage on without effecting your business or out casting potential customers.

Thousands of Universities and Businesses Trust Wowza Media Servers, because they offer the broadest screen reach, lowest cost, and rock-solid reliability.

There are several options avaiable when it comes to selecting a media server, so many start with selecting by price. Wowza allows for business to scale their desired server to meet not only their needs but also their budgets. This flexibility can not be matched by any other company. They are a premier media server in the industry. Enjoy reliable media streaming while you build your reputable business.

Custom Servers

Wowza offers a large list of free and premium Add-ons. Deliver, transform, enhance, protect, integrate, and manage your media streaming for live or on-demand content, chat and recording.

To ensure the optimal delivery of media streams, a variety of Wowza AddOns are available from scaling to stream publishing and more.

  • Automated Multicast Publishing
  • Bandwidth Checker
  • Dynamic Load Balancing Solution
  • MediaCache
  • Push Publishing

These AddOns provide optional content transformation capabilities to enhance Wowza Media Server 3.5’s powerful standard functionality.

  • Wowza Transcoder

Use these AddOns to create more engaging user experiences on any device or any screen.

  • Wowza nDVR

These AddOns provide a variety of specialized tools for securing your media streaming content, from simple protection to studio approved digital rights management.

  • Wowza DRM
  • GeoIP Locking
  • RTMP Network Encryption Security
  • StreamLock AddOn
  • StreamNameAlias: URL Security
  • SWF Hotlinking Protection

These AddOns let you simplify and streamline your Wowza software deployments, improve streaming efficiency, and better manage your content.

  • Central Configuration Utility
  • Idle Client Disconnect
  • MediaCache Purge

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