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3D Transparent Desktop PC

3D Transparent Desktop PC

Microsoft researcher and MIT student hope to reinvent the way we interact with computers…

Microsoft’s Applied Science labs hopes to revolutionize the way we interact with computers using 3D hand gestures and transparent OLED desktop PCs.

At first it seems as though the user is simply operating the keyboard and mouse from behind the transparent display, however depth sensors can track and capture the users hands allowing them to seamlessly switch between 3D hand gestures and traditional keyboard/mouse interface.

microsoft 3d transparent desktop pc

Microsoft and MIT 3D Transparent Desktop

The set up uses one of Samsung’s transparent OLED displays to project a 3D desktop, and sensors tracking the users head movement automatically adjust the screen position for optimal viewing.

The 3D Transparent Desktop was developed by Jinha Lee, an MIT Media Lab Ph.D. student and a research intern at Microsoft, and Cati Boulanger (a researcher at the company), and is on display at Microsoft TechForum 2012 in Redmond, Wash.

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