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Microsofts Touch-Less Glass Display

Microsofts Touch-Less Glass Display

Microsoft's next-gen computer can be controlled by pen, voice, touch-less gestures and the human eye...

Microsoft is currently touring U.S colleges showing off its technologies of tomorrow, and the focus of these demo’s is the companies next-gen computer – one that docks and undocks to a frameless glass display.

Microsoft Next Gen Computer With Touch-Less Glass Display

The new computer prototype, demoed by Chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie, features a touch-less glass display that can be controlled by voice, pen, touch-free gestures and eye tracking.

Microsofts Touch-Less Glass Display

Although there is little info on the specifications of the computer, the form-factor is similar to portable desktops PC like ASUS’s Eee Box, a compact desktop easily transported and connected to compatible displays.

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  1. Hello sir, I am engineering student & want to make a project on touchless computer. So, I beg u to plZ guide me…..

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