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Microsoft OmniTouch Wearable Touch-Screen Display Projector

Microsoft OmniTouch Wearable Touch-Screen Display Projector

Microsoft OmniTouch Display brings touch-screen displays to any surface…

Microsoft has unveiled its new OmniTouch system can project a touch-screen display on any surface from the hands, arms and legs to books, tablets, walls etc., into a touch-screen display.

The ‘wearable graphic-interactive multitouch input device uses a laser-based pico projector and PrimeSense depth-sensing camera – similar to Microsoft’s Kinect camera for the Xbox 360 – to track multiple fingers in a 3D space.

OmniTouch classifies suitable surfaces on which the display can be projected. The user then defines the size of region they wish use. The palm, arm or a notebook can then be used as an additional surface for dual display/interface setups.

Microsoft OmniTouch Wearable Multitouch Interaction

Microsoft claims that the system requires no training and can be used on the go. Studies conducted by the company have shown that the device handles map panning, zooming, qwerty keyboard controls, and also runs applications such as digital post-it notes and paint to a similar standard as modern touch-screen devices.

The tracking technology picks up an array of meta data that the display uses to adjust to the user position. Making it visible at different angles and even changing the view from public to private depending on the position of the selected display surface.

Hrvoje Benko of the Natural Interaction Research group at Microsoft, said that OmniTouch was developed to ‘capitalize on the tremendous surface area the real world provides,’ and it appears to accomplishing its goal.

The project was unveiled at the UIST 2012, the Association for Computing Machinery’s 24th Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, Santa Barbara, Calif, October 16-19, 2011.

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