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Microsoft Surface Portable Tablet PCs

Microsoft Surface Portable Tablet PCs

Microsoft's new, sleek magnesium tablet...

Microsoft has unveiled its new Surface Tablets at its recent launch event, June 18th, Los Angeles.

Previous MS Surface models have been large table-top mounted touch-screen systems designed for boardrooms, stores, hotels, or bachelor pads, but the new models finally step into the realm of portable tablet PCs, with the hope of giving the tablet of choice for many consumers, the infamous iPad, a run for its money.

The Surface comes in two variations, one running Windows Pro 8 on an Intel Ivy Bridge chip, the other running Windows RT on an NVIDIA Tegra chip – both specs are yet to be announced.

microsoft surface tablet pc

Microsoft Surface Tablet

The design of the two tablets is the same, however the more powerful Win Pro 8 model comes in slightly heavier – 903 grams compared with 676 grams- and thicker – 13.5mm compared with 9.3mm – than its Win RT brother.

The edges are bezeled at 22 degree, and the whole machine, including a built-in kickstand, is housed a beautiful metal dubbed ‘VaporMG.’ This magnesium casing is said to give the tablet the appearance and feel of a luxury high-end watch.

microsoft surface tablet pc-4

Microsoft Surface Tablet With built-in Kickstand

Both tablets sport 10.6-inch displays front and back-mounted cameras, full sized USB port, SD card reader, and dual Wi-Fi antennas.

The Win 8 Pro model’s ‘Full HD’ display has slightly higher specs than the RT’s ClearType HD display, however specifications were not confirmed.

microsoft surface tablet pc-3

Microsoft Surface Tablet Profile View

The Win 8 pro model also features USB 3.0 and a Mini DisplayPort connection – the RT version only supports USB 2.0 and a Micro HD connection.

Storage can be configured to 32GB or 64GB on the Win RT model, or 64GB and 128GB on the Win 8 Pro version.

Microsoft has also seen it fit to include some great accessories to help ‘sell’ the product.

microsoft surface tablet pc-2

Microsoft Surface Tablet Available Colors

First up is an intuitive keyboard/cover, the Touch Cover, which builds on the same concept utilized in Apple’s Smart Cover. The Touch Cover is 3mm thick, attaches magnetically, features a pressure sensitive keyboard.

Microsoft also offer an optional Type Cover, which is 5mm thick, but includes real physical keys and a multi-touch trackpad.

The Windows8 Pro version also comes with a stylus that lets you write digitally with 600dpi precision.

Unfortunately there wasn’t much word on price or availability, however the Surface’s should ship for somewhere between 600-1000 dollars, and will hopefully hit the stores sometime later this year.

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