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Microsoft Unveils Travel Accessories For Tablets

Microsoft Unveils Travel Accessories For Tablets

Microsoft Wedge mouse and keyboard for tablets…

Microsoft has unveiled its new range of portable peripherals for its forth-coming Windows tablets. The MS Wedge range includes a wireless keyboard and mouse, both of which work via Bluetooth, and AA batteries.

Whilst the devices are aimed at Windows 8 and Windows RT customers, MS says they will also work with iOS and Android tablets.

The Wedge Mobile keyboard features a durable rubber sleeve which doubles as an adjustable stand.The stand is said to be solid, and the quick key response is reminiscent of traditional laptop keys, which makes it easy to type.


Microsoft Wedge Keyboard


Microsoft Wedge Keyboard For Tablets

The Wedge mouse has an interesting angled design and features a BlueTrack sensor, which works on almost any surface, and four-way touch-based scrolling which matches’ the Windows 8 Metro’s interface.


Microsoft Wedge Mouse

Sporting a rather small formfactor, the mouse might not be the choice for long hours of scrolling and clicking, but its compact size makes it perfect for travelling.

The MS Wedge devices will be released later year, probably around the time the Windows Tablet hits the stores on October 26th.

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