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Microsoft SmartGlass App Remote Control Xbox 360

Microsoft SmartGlass App Remote Control Xbox 360

New free SamrtGlass app hopes to bridge the gap between Xbox 360 and mobile devices…

Microsoft has announced its new SmartGlass app, which is said to bridge the gap between an Xbox 360 and tablets or smartphones.

The new free app allows users to remotely control games, movies, TV and music on their Xbox via their mobile device. And although other apps have attempted to do this before SmartGlass comes with a slew of great features, which raise the bar for similar apps.

Once installed, users can play, pause, rewind or skip through videos using their mobile device as a remote control. They can also being watching movies on their device, and pick up where they left off on their Xbox, or vice versa.

ms xbox smartglass app

Xbox 360 SmartGlass

The app also allows the smartphone or tablet to serve as a second screen. Using the dual screen function, two people can play the same game – one using the Xbox display and their other using the mobile device. The second can also be used to display additional information, e.g. stats when playing games or watching sports, and artist biographies when listen to music.

The app also enables users to surf the web on their device using Internet Explorer on the Xbox.

SmartGlass was released alongside Windows 8 on 26th of October, and runs on Windows 8, Windows RT tablets and PCs, as well as iOS and Andorid devices. The app is currently limited to specific games, movies, and TV shows. However Microsoft plans to expand the line over the coming months.

Yusuf Mehdi, chief marketing officer for Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Division said:

“We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible. In the future, new games will be created, TV shows and movies will be re-imagined, and sports will be broadcast from the ground up with Xbox SmartGlass in mind.”

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