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f you have bad credit here is a way to improve and get new credit now GUARANTEED! Start building a good credit rating for the future. Complete your application for a custom computer from

Credit Calculator

Use the following form to calculate your total interest charges and pay-off day based on your minimum payment.

How To Improve Your Credit Rating

  1. Place a new account on your credit report and pay on time! Most recent entry is positive.
  2. This will cause anyone looking at your credit to take another look even though you have a negative history. Your computer is from 800HighTech BUT your revolving credit account is with your finance company. We are outstanding at what we do and so is the finance company. People rarely compliment a finance company BUT we have countless cases where our finance companies have gone the extra mile for a customer who needs and deserves some help. They are automated so each month when you make payment it is automatically reported. Many companies report only bad credit but our finance company reports everything. This helps you to build good credit.

  3. Make sure your allotment starts on time as promised
  4. They have opened this account because you have offered an allotment as your method of payment. It is imperative that your allotment begins on time and you should be advised that for reasons unknown to me 1 in 10 do not. You should monitor your pay using the Department of Defense MyPay to make sure this allotment starts when promised. Nobody can do this for you so check and be sure. If the allotment does not start on time restart your allotment IMMEDIATELY!

  5. But I gave the finance company a payment authorization form in case my allotment did not start as promised.
  6. If your allotment does not start, finance company will debit money from your bank account at their earliest opportunity to do so. At this point you will already be 30 days delinquent and that is reported automatically. Their interest is in getting paid, not protecting your credit, and that is up to you. Make sure the allotment is started again or ASAP to maintain your good credit with the finance company. If you send a new allotment they will get you a fresh start. Do nothing and you are delinquent and it is reported automatically.

  7. You can make additional purchases at preferred prices added to this account.
  8. Qualified customers can add purchases to their account at preferred rates available after a few payments by allotment. These can be upgrades for their computer, additional computers, cameras, printers, etc. This account is very handy. Need some memory or a thumb drive? Just order online at preferred prices and add to your account and we will ship to you wherever you may be. Having a friend in the computer business makes owning and using your computer a lot easier. You can even purchase gifts when you are deployed ship them to your family and add the purchase to your account.

  9. You can add out of warranty repairs on your account at preferred prices if you handle your payments satisfactorily.
  10. Finance wants your experience with this purchase to be trouble free BUT they cannot authorize extra charges on the account if payments are not made in a timely manner. They expect payment by allotment as promised when you opened the account. Failure to keep this promise will cause you to have difficulty accessing benefits available for our customers.

  11. Cleaning up old bad accounts is the final step to good credit
  12. Old accounts do not go away and if you want to have good credit in just three years you have to contact and pay off old bills too. Many will waive all past due and late charges f you will start a new payment plan with them and keep it. This is up to you and you will be glad to have the peace of mind that comes from having all your accounts handled in a satisfactory manner.

  13. Accept responsibility for your current credit and take pride in how you handle it from now on
  14. Many customers with good credit are in the same career position as you BUT make no excuses when something is wrong. They accept responsibility and pay their debts. It is up to you to be sure that your bills are paid on time as agreed. If you do that your life will be so much easier and so will your career. We can help you if you cooperate with us as outlined here.

Start and Maintain Your Allotment is the First Step

If you do this as our customer, we are always available to assist you with everything. If you do not keep your first promise there will be little anyone can do to help you with your credit.

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