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Many unsophisticated consumers believe an initial lower price means a given item is the least expensive BUT that is not always true. Sometimes the costs are hidden and you just keep paying them.

:: Considerations When Purchasing a Computer ::

Can the item you purchased be upgraded?

Many large manufacturers still sell computers with parts that are proprietary. If you can upgrade at all it must be through the OEM. Usually this means unusually high expense to upgrade or that you must buy another computer

How easily can 800HighTech upgrade?

We do upgrades on your purchased computers at cost and ad the charge to your account. If your account is 6 months old and you are current most often you will not be asked to increase your allotment. The items can either be shipped to you or we will install them for you at cost. What could be easier or less costly??

What about service and support?

As a member of the US military you either are now or very soon you could be overseas where many companies are unwilling and most are unable to provide you competent warranty repair and/or phone technical support. We have toll free numbers and will call you back wherever you are to diagnose and resolve problems. On warranty repairs we pay shipping both ways. What could be less costly than that?

Sometimes your wife is the one with the computer and she depends on you for tech support so who does she call when you are deployed. Sean & Casey make sure dependents get help to be up & running whenever you are away. If your computer goes down whatever the reason you want help now. Nobody does that better than 800HighTech. How much is that worth?

What about shipping problems?

If your computer is shipped to you via the USPS there is always the risk that your item could be lost or stolen. USPS has a cumbersome BUT reliable claim service if the shipper knows how it works. Often it takes six months though for a claim to be paid. Most companies refuse to ship your replacement until they have been reimbursed.

At 800HighTech we know the USPS system. If you sign the claim form we send a replacement on the 30th day. Lost or stolen does not happen often (unless you are in Korea) BUT if it happens to you having purchased from 800HighTech is a comfort.

What about the high finance charge?

Members of the US military enjoy great finance charges from AAFES using their Star Card etc for mass produced computers on base. BUT if they want a custom built system such as offered at 800HighTech most of those same credit unions won’t extend credit to our customers for computer loans. The better question is what would it cost for anyone to finance a computer off base? Again most of our customers would be turned down for credit off base. At Sears, Circuit City, Dell , Sony etc. BUT if they were to open an account most companies charge more than 800HighTech. Our finance charge for people with bad credit is better than your CO with perfect credit would pay at the aforementioned companies.

Plus we offer one year rebates on all finance charges if the purchase is paid within one year. People who say our finance charges are high just don’t know what is really available.

What if I void my warranty?

Most companies will void your warranty for ANY excuse. At 800HighTech that is hard to do unless you are impossibly rude & difficult. We want to keep your computer running at peak performance for as long as possible so that when you are ready to buy another you buy from us. We replace parts & refurbish older systems and provide fresh warranties when other companies refuse to help at all. Nobody will deny this unless they were rude and difficult.

What is the bottom line?

People who talk only about price also forget that some military customers don’t have cash or credit and still want and need a computer now. Having a reliable company who also arranges credit makes ownership of a quality system possible immediately.

In two or three weeks you will be enjoying the system you could only dream about while building or rebuilding your credit. Those who purchased the cheapest system for cash will not be having the same experience and if they encounter a problem will begin to see there are other factors to consider besides price.

We have done this for over 10 years living and working overseas with our customers. I have answered my phone from 0700 till 2300 accepting calls from customers. Sure we have critics BUT they are not customers. 99% of our customers are very well satisfied with us. The 1% is like the guy who having finished paying for his computer wrote his e-mail of complaint anonymously. I checked his file and he had never contacted us for support. It was as if he wanted to be wronged. If you have a complaint tell me and I will address it. Tell somebody else, which is common, and they will have to fix it because I won’t know.

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