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When someone cancels an order after seeing our proposal, it is usually because they think our price is too high. But our price is incomparable because it includes options not available from another company and we hide no additional charges. I have done this for over 10 years and pioneered shipping computers overseas with nothing down, and low monthly payments. All computers are shipped with a satisfaction guarantee! You have to ask why nobody else will do that? We have shipped 10,000 computers and received back less than 10 computers in the history of our company. 40% of our sales each week are from current customers and their friends.

This is a very impressive fact and should cause you to reflect on 800HighTech as your choice for a computer company

If you have the cash and very good credit you should buy elsewhere. However, everybody else should seriously consider 800HighTech. If you want the facts they are available on the Internet. To begin see the links below. Check it out and you may want to complete your order also:

I am so confident in our deal that if you read these links and do your homework on this but if in then end you choose to finance a computer from another company within 1 month of canceling with 800HighTech, I will personally send you $100*

* This offer is only for qualified prospects with bad credit who buy, finance and accept delivery of a computer from another company within 4 weeks of canceling an order from 800HighTech.

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