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Why Us

Why Us


800HighTech has sold and delivered over 10,000 computers to members of the U.S. Military over the last 10 years. All were shipped with no down payment from the service member and with a satisfaction guarantee. Less than 10 were ever returned in our 10+ year history and 40% of all the sales we make each week are to current customers or their friends. No other company has this degree of customer loyalty and there are numerous reasons why.

When you are deciding where to get your computer, shouldn’t you at least consider a company with these credentials?

If the advertised price alone was the most important reason for buying a computer we would not enjoy such success. Our customers have discovered other factors that are more important than the advertised price and some of those reasons are listed here. If you are still looking for a computer please read these and decide if any or all of these reasons are important to you.

Cash on Hand

Do you have the cash to buy whatever you want? If so you will probably purchase elsewhere and these reasons will not be important enough for you. If you have near perfect credit and still are interested in a computer from 800HighTech, Contact Us and we will determine if you qualify for our preferred financing plan.


  1. Don’t have the cash and want a computer now?
  2. Do you need financing BUT have less than perfect credit?
  3. Do you need an affordable monthly payment in order to obtain the computer you want now?
  4. Do you want a custom built computer or customized notebook laptop?
  5. Do you need shipping to an APO/FPO?
  6. Do you want your shipment insured so that if it is lost or stolen you will receive a replacement in a timely manner
  7. Do you need an on site warranty world wide for your first year?
  8. Do you need lifetime technical support by the people who sold, assembled and built your computer?
  9. Want to establish or re-establish credit?
  10. Want to be able to add upgrades to your computer for a special price and as the costs to your account?

Our price includes all of these things plus one year’s financing if your account is paid within one year. There are no extras with us. Our proposal to you included everything here and more

Do you want a worry free experience where you are taken care of by the company proven to satisfy the needs of US Military customers better than any other?

There is only one choice
Our offer is risk free!

We now order and ship computers three days each week speeding up our process even more. Order today and see for your self!
Computer Financing for Military Service Members and Troops

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