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Navy Wants To Predict Where Bombs Will Explode

Navy Wants To Predict Where Bombs Will Explode

Military EOD and Navy Wants to Predict Where Bombs will Explode

The threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) or street bombs is ever growing, especially on the streets of Iraq and detecting them has always been a problem. Now the Navy is trying to take bomb disposal to the next level by requesting proposals and offering grants for new technologies that can predict where bombs will actually be placed.

The office of Naval Research says it is looking for theoretical and technical approaches to:

  • Permit the prediction of bomb emplacements
  • Identify and localize bomb makers, storage nodes, safe zones and caches
  • Identify or predict changing or emerging threat tactics.
  • Track components, practices and procedures used in fabrication and assembly.

Navy Wants To Predict Where Bombs Will Explode

Navy Wants To Predict Where Bombs Will Explode

The project will possibly use any combination of statistical, logical, chemical, and psychological data to predict where the next bomb will be placed and is all part of a broader push to develop “fundamentally new theories, data, concepts, and principles that could one day help U.S. forces detect, neutralize, and guard themselves against improvised bombs.

Other ideas include “advanced sensor networks” to automatically detect bomb-placing, with “minimal” human involvement, technologies to “quickly and remotely destroy explosive devices without necessarily having to detect them” and methods to identify the “behavioral [and] physiological, signatures of the bombs, human initiators and observers.”

The closing date for proposals is 20th of July with grants being given sometime before Halloween, perhaps it won’t be too long before this technology is more than just an idea.

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