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Bio Mask To Treat Severely Injured Faces

Bio Mask To Treat Severely Injured Faces

Military want regenerate bio masks to treat burned and disfigured faces…

Facial injuries, especially burns, are one of the most severe yet common vestiges of war. In hope to reduce the large numbers of soldiers left disfigured following such injuries the military is funding the development of a regenerative bio mask.

Notoriously difficult to treat, soldiers who’ve sustained severe facial wounds must endure countless reconstructive surgeries and skin grafts to repair the damage, and years of rehabilitation to regain facial functions. Even after extensive treatment many troops can still be left blind, deaf, dumb, with speech impediments, and/or difficulty eating and drinking. Scarring and disfigurements are also commonplace and almost impossible to avoid following reconstructive facial surgery.

Bio Mask To Treat Severely Injured Faces

Bio Mask To Treat Severely Injured Faces

The bio mask, being developed by a collaborative team from UT Arlington, Northwestern University, and the Brooke Army Medical Center and the Army Institute of Surgical Research, hopes to change all of that by 2017.

The mask consists of two main layers, a protective outer layer containing necessary electronics and an inner flexible polymer layer that molds to the contours of the patient’s face – as well as three inner layers with an array of sensors, actuators, a network of microtubes and values, and a regenerative elixir containing stem cells, antibiotics and/or painkillers.

The sensors would monitor the wound and transmit date to the doctor in real time, the dose of medications could then be adjusted as necessary.

We’ve already seen spray on skin, as well as a increase of lab grown organs and tissues, there are still no effective treatments for damaged faces. Eileen Moss, a research scientist at UT Arlington and the project’s leader, said:

“Surgeons do a great job. But the face that soldiers end up with has a lot of problems. There might be disfigurement or scars. They might be missing an ear or maybe they can’t blink. That face just can’t be fully used anymore.”

The bio mask, while still in the early stages of development, hopes to be ready for trials with as a little as 5 years.

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