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Mine Kafon Wind Powered Landmine Sweeper

Mine Kafon Wind Powered Landmine Sweeper

Clearing landmines with wind power and sustainable materials…

Afghan designer Massoud Hassani, has come with a novel design for clearing landmines, that is cheap, sustainable, and most importantly of all effective.

The Mine Kafor is made from bamboo with a biodegradable plastic core and feet, and is light enough to use wind power as its source of kinetic energy. It’s also pliable enough to withstand four mine explosions before needing to be rebuilt. A GPS tracker marks exactly where the device has travelled so the team, know which areas are still in need of surveying.

mine kafon landmine clearer

Mine Kafon Landmine Clearer

Image credit: Massoud Hassani, 2012.

The United Nations reports that an estimated 110 million active landmines are strewn across 64 countries around the world, and of course, these lethal devices kill or main thousands each year.

Clearing the huge stretches of land declared as danger zones due to landmines is a monstrous task, that has, until now, yet to see a cost effective solution put forward.

Hassnai says the cost of clearing just one mine can amount to $1200, whereas the Mine Kafor will cost $40 once it is put into production. The prototype has undergone two years of testing, Hassnai say’s he’s now ready to launch a Kickstarter project in the coming weeks.

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