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Paramount Group Marauder Armored Vehicle

Paramount Group Marauder Armored Vehicle

Watch Paramount’s Marauder smash through walls, flatten cars and withstand and IED blast…

South Africa is a country known for producing some of the best armored personal carriers in the world – a claim to fame that’s sure to stick after Paramount’s blast-proof Marauder armored vehicle was featured on the BBC’s hugely popular Top Gear TV show, June 26th, dubbed the worlds ‘world’s most unstoppable vehicle.’

Ivor Ichikowitz, Executive Chairman of the Paramount Group, said he was so confident in the vehicle that they “challenged [presenter] Richard Hammond to throw anything he wanted at it.”

paramount marauder

Paramount Marauder Flattens Cars

paramount marauder infantry varient

Paramount Marauder For Infantry Patrol

Image Credit: Paramount Group, 2010.

On the show, the vehicle passed all tests, which included driving over cars, withstanding hungry lions, smashing through walls, and being blown up with IEDs.

To demonstrate the impenetrable strength of the Marauder, the team also blew up a standard military humvee for comparison. Needless to say the humvee was obliterated whereas the Marauder drove off with what appears to be nothing wrong except a few flat tires.

The mine-resistant Marauder can carry up to 10 fully armed troops, and can be configured for infantry patrol, a command center or a search and rescue ambulance.

Designed with complete security for troops in mind, its reinforced shell can withstand explosions of 14kg of TNT under the wheels and 7KG under its hull. Inside the crew have further protection via anti blast seats, and optional IED jammer also provides much needed preventative protection.

The vehicle can be fitted with long range fuel tanks adding an extra 500km, and with a top speed of 120kph, it doesn’t sacrifice too much speed for protection. Should the vehicle sustain incoming fire, the wheels feature a special run flat tyre that can be pierced by 12.7mm bullets and still keep rolling for another 50km.

When it comes to terrain, there’s nothing the Marauder can’t handle. As you see in the clip, brick walls and other cars are no match, the company also say it can operate in water up to half its own depth, making perfect for wet terrain.

The Marauder weighs in at around 15 tons, but this beast of a vehicle can carry an extra 3 tons when fully loaded, putting it max weight at a massive 18 tons.

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  1. Worlds Most Unstoppable Vehicle Showcased on Top Gear.

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