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Wireless Touch Free Interface

Wireless Touch Free Interface

Feed up of greasy smear marks on your touch-screen? Tony Hyun Kim and Nevada Sanchez have a touch-free solution…

The delightful Apple iPad may be to TV and books what video was to the radio star – a killer. But there’s one problem that seems to be overlooked, my books and TV don’t have dirty smudges and smear marks all over them; my touchscreen devices do.

So what would the solution be if you’re an augmented reality geek, a Minority report fan, and a MIT student? You build a touch-free interface that keeps touchscreen devices free from dirty fingerprints, whilst making you look like a super bad-ass computer technician of the future.

MIT students Tony Hyun Kim and Nevada Sanchez created the Glove Mouse device in 2009. Back then the whole thing was still rigged up with wires, but more recent modifications have seen the addition of a new wireless feature.

Check out the clip below to see the Glove Mouse in action.

The touch-free device incorporates a glove that allows users to navigate around a screen simply by moving their hands around within the range of webcam. Gestures are captured by LED lights and microcontrollers track the button pushes of the fingers.

Amazingly, they did all this for less than 100 dollars!

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