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MIT Laser Camera Takes Photos Around Corners

MIT Laser Camera Takes Photos Around Corners

Laser camera can takes pictures around corners…

In 2010 MIT unveiled a concept that would allow camera’s to shoot photos around corners, a year and half later, the team have a functioning prototype and have released a video showing how the technology works.

To capture the image, the camera fires rapid femtosecond (quadrillionths of a second) laser pulses at a surface opposite the object that is hidden from its view.

The laser light bounces of the wall and scatters. In turn, some of this light hits the object and also scatters, and some of this light manages to bounce back off the wall and reach the camera sensor.

Since the amount of light that manages to find its way back to the sensor is so minute, the camera sensor takes measurements every few picoseconds, to trillionths of a second in order to gather enough data to reproduce a visible image.

The team hopes that the camera could help rescue workers or military operators see hidden dangers lying ahead, or even help automated vehicles of the future see around blind corners.

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