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Mix Soundcloud Tracks In Your Browser With HTML5 Virtual Decks

Mix Soundcloud Tracks In Your Browser With HTML5 Virtual Decks

Stream tracks from Soundcould and mix them in your browser with this virtual DJ app…

The rise of digital music and the increasing numbers of computer savvy music lovers has spurred on the development of virtual DJ apps. The iPad brought a little more precision to that concept with Algoriddim’s Djay app. But battling back strictly on the browser front, coder Scott Schiller has developed a virtual set of Techincs 1210’s and simple two channel mixer, the Wheels of Steel DJ App, that allows users to stream and mix tracks from all within their web browser.

Wheels of Steel is by no means the first flash or HTML5 DJ application, but it’s certainly the most user friendly version that adds pitch control for beat matching.

wheels of steel html5 dj app

Wheels of Steel HTML5 Virtual DJ App

For those who don’t know much about DJing, the main tool when it comes to beat matching is the pitch control of the turntable. With most models sport a pitch adjustment of -10% – +10%, it becomes possible to speed up, or slow down two track – with relatively similar beats per minute (BMP) – so they play at the same tempo. With the tracks beat matched DJs can then fade or cut between the two songs seamlessly.

Unfortunately Schiller notes that processor power and audio latency limit the programs ability, which means there’ll be no scratching for you battle DJs out there, still, for simple app that runs solely in the browser, it’s a pretty neat little piece of software.

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One Comment

  1. still no pitch control!

    so I guess html5 audio is still not yet really up-to-scratch for djng …

    seems like there are ways to do it in flash though
    check out the little playe5r they use on this music store site:
    – the pitch control actually works! .. quite smooth too and doesn’t seem too resource-hungry

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