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Modify Your HDTV With FAVI Smart Stick

Modify Your HDTV With FAVI Smart Stick

FAVI Smart Stick gives any TV with HMDI port Internet access with Android Jelly Bean…

If you bought your HDTV several years ago, its likely that it doesn’t support Internet access, which means you can’t stream movies or music without linking it up to laptop, Xbox, or other media center.

The new FAVI Smart Stick solves that problem by providing Internet for any TV with a HDMI input.

favi smart stick android internet for hdtv

FAVI Smart Stick Internet TV

The Smart Stick runs on Android Jelly Beam, and comes with 4GB of onboard storage and built-in Wi-Fi. It plugs into any HDMI port and boots with easy installation, up to allow access to Internet favorites such as Hulu, YouTube, Netflix and Pandora. It also features a full browser for surfing the web, and since it runs Android users can download anything from the GooglePlay store.

Another handy feature is the MediaSHARE support. With this additional app the stick can stream media from any computer on the network. There’s also an additional wireless keyboard and mouse for easier navigation, which is priced at $39.99.

favi smart stick wirleess keyboard mouse

FAVI Smart Stick Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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