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MojoPac Virtual Computer Guide

MojoPac Virtual Computer Guide

Install MojoPac On Your Portable Drive And Use Your PC on Any Host Computer, iPod, Thumb Drive, or Portable Hard Drive

MojoPac is great new piece of software which allows you to install anything on a portable USB Mass Storage Device – whether it’s Photoshop or World of Warcraft – then take the drive to a host computer and use the programs on the guest drive.

MojoPac conveniently allows you to switch between the host and guest drive and also keeps practically everything personal including bookmarks, documents, history, etc.

MoJo Pac Install and Bring Your Files and Programs Anywhere View More MojoPac Demos and Guides >>>

MojoPac makes it possible to:

  • Listen to your music library, watch videos and download podcasts from any PC
  • Watch downloaded video like movies or TV shows with your media player of choice
  • Play PC games such as World of Warcraft, Everquest or Half-Life from any PC and take the game and its current state with you
  • Use expensive PC software you have limited licenses for, like Microsoft Office or Photoshop, from any computer
  • Surf with your preferred browser, store your passwords and other sensitive data separate from an untrusted host PC
  • Backup working copies of your essential software so that if your computer crashes or hard drive fails, you can plug your MojoPac into another PC and have a working environment ready to go

Install and Setup

MojoPac is relatively straight forward install but set up does require a multi-step process which can take a few minutes.

1. First, if you’re installing MojoPac on a USB flash drive, clear off as much disk space from it as possible. Then, optimize it for fast reading and writing.

Click – My Computer> Properties> The Hardware tab> Then select the drive. Click – Properties> The Policies tab> Then check off “Optimize for Performance,” as shown.

For those of you using an iPod, make sure the “Manually manage music” option is checked in iTunes, and that “Enable disk use” is also checked off.

2. After registering online at, you need to download the installer and select the drive you wish to install to.

3. Then you are required to activate MojoPac by entering in your account information and product key (if you’re not running the 30 day demo). You must also go through the initial setup wizard which asks for your name and company, and the password you would like to use for starting MojoPac.

4. Lastly, it will then ask if you would like to copy all your documents and personal items to the drive, before finally launching.

Your Very Own Windows

On starting MojoPac you will be presented with a brand spanking new Windows install without the annoyance of installing any drivers or applications, all necessary components are shared with those from the host computer.Your personal Windows will exactly how you remember it, excluding a few tweaks to simplify configuration.

You will find your own desktop icons, start menu (classic or modern), Internet Explorer, My Documents folder, and of course, your own background wallpaper.

On the top of the screen will be the useful MojoBar, which allows you to quickly switch between the guest and host without rebooting.


Mojo Pac Virtual Machine ComputerMojoPac does good job sharing resources between the host machine and the guest drive. Because the two have their own separate registries and shells, even programs of the same name may be running on both at the same time even.

Both the host and guest may be online at the same time. Both may control the audio at the same time and the programs running in one session will continue to run in the background while another loaded.

While accessing documents on the host’s local hard drives is not currently possible, all DVD and CD drives, as well as external USB devices such as iPods, cameras and flash drives are accessible from MojoPac Pac

For those looking to populate MojoPac with files from the host PC, it’s possible to quickly switch to the host and drag files to the portable drive, then switch back to MojoPac. Unfortunately this seems to be the only manual way files may be shared besides CD’s and removable media, as browsing networked computers is not an option

There is however, a wizard for data copying is available prior to launching MojoPac which is able to perform a one-way sync of Internet Explorer and Firefox settings as well as individual files and folders from the host.

Other resources, such as printers, extra monitors, tablets, joysticks, and audio devices such as on-board and USB sound cards and microphones are also brought over, although they may not be available until after a reboot of MojoPac

MojoPac Performance

So how well does MojoPac Pac actually perform? Well, almost everything will be considerably slower then on a regular Windows PC and speeds will differ depending on the type of external storage you plan to use. Be sure to use the fastest drive you can afford to buy for optimum performance.

If you’re looking to use MojoPac frequently, we recommend at a least a cheap 5400RPM USB 2.0 external 2.5″ hard drive.

It’s worth noting that although MojoPac is a great piece of software, it won’t be able to do everything standard Windows can do. So far most the majority of bugs are low-level or driver related issues, below is a list of problems that you may encounter using MojoPac.

  • Webcam users may find themselves unable to install their drivers and capture software on MojoPac, then use the device on a host computer.
  • Drivers and software will not automatically propagate to MojoPac, Instead you must install on both the host and guest drive for it to work.
  • Some PDF writers, such as Acrobat and PDF Creator may not work, as the printer never seems to appear in the Printers and Faxes window.
  • Low-level file system support software – such as MacDrive for reading Mac-formatted partitions – doesn’t work. MojoPac is only able to read external drives so installing this kind of the software on both the host and MojoPac is pointless since the portable drive will most likely travel with the user and not stay with the host PC.
  • Popular shortcut keys including Win+D (show desktop), Win+E (launch explorer), Win+F (find), Win+R (run), Win+F (find files) are missing.
  • Ctrl-Alt-Del will launch as part of the host but open the task manager in the guest environment, and Win+L will lock the entire computer using the host machine’s password.
  • MojoPac is a single user experience so despite what the logoff menu will show you, there is no multiple user switching.
  • Advanced users will find the Administrative Tools folder is also absent, however it is possible to open the folder manually using the MMC.
  • There have also been some reports that MojoPac will not install on flash drives that don’t report a serial number to Windows. However we have been able to install it on drives from PNY, Geek Squad, Lexar, Sandisk, Apple, and Western Digital without problems
  • Security may also be an issue for some. Whilst MojoPac keeps your entire history private from the host computer, the password is used only for starting up the environment. This means anyone who happens to stumble across your drive can still plug it in and copy your files.
  • Perhaps the largest restriction implemented by MojoPac is that the host computer must be logged in with Administrator rights. That means that most school, library, workplace and PC cafe computer are out of the question, as they will most likely be logged in as standard users

But according to MojoPac’s website, there is promise of “Limited Mode” support which will be introduced in MojoPac 2.0.

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  1. Does anyone reviewing MojoPac ever review the Forum pages on the website? The biggest problem with MojoPac is all the applications, etc. that it DOESN’T run, despite its claims. Like the ability to sync with PDAs, including Blackberry; or run software such as QuickBooks, just to name two from personal experience. And if you visit the Forum pages, you’ll see lots more.

    The worst part is, not that it didn’t run everything perfectly at inception; but that nearly three years later, these major issues have not been fixed! There’s all kinds of little tweaks in the updates; but never anything addressing these major drawbacks.

  2. Cynthia that is true and you can’t expect it to be perfect given what it is trying to accomplish.

    The idea is to run a virtual pc inside a host computer. This means it has to use the drivers and system hardware of that computer.

    Windows and software did not design this or think about it when creating their programs. MojoPac is able to create this virtual environment, and amazingly does it quite well.

    I have tried many other virtual pc but this one is the best and it is FREE!I have only had a couple software not run correctly (CS3 and my webcam), however I am currently using over 50 mainstream programs. This solution is not meant to be a desktop replacement.

    I will admit another annoyance is its inability to save passwords in Dreamweaver and Outlook, but it will remember them until I log off Mojo. This is probably good for security reasons, and like with most of the bugs in Mojo, due to the Software.

    The forum allows for us to discuss these bugs and offer suggestions and work around. This may not be easy for those who are not computer savvy, but open source has always worked this way.

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