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Motorola Solutions HC1 Wearable PC

Motorola Solutions HC1 Wearable PC

The first commercial wearable headset computer will hit stores in the New Year…

Motorola Solutions has unveiled its new wearable headset computer, which features completely hands free interaction using voice control.

HC1 is made by Motorola Solutions, not to be confused with handset maker Motorola Mobility, the other half of the company, which is now owned by Google.

The computer looks like a futuristic communications headset from Sci-Fi films complete adjustable head straps, camera, and adjustable display. The components themselves are housed in metal bar that sits around the side and back of the head. To navigate the computer, open files and perform other tasks the wearer uses voice commands.

motorola solutions hc1 wearable computer

Motorla Solutions HC1 Wearable Computer

Image Credit: HC1 Headset Computer, 2012.

The device is designed for use in environments where users need access to technical information but having both hands free is still a priority. Paul Reed, Motorola’s mobile computing product manager, explained:

“If you imagine somebody up, say, a telegraph pole at the very top, needing to rewire something, they don’t really want to be fiddling with a laptop…

“They can get all the information they need and do the job safely with this device.”

Other fields in which the device will be intended for use include maintenance engineers, construction workers, architects as well as warehouse staff who pick stock that’s tracked by complex computer databases.

Although the HC1 isn’t out until the New Year, software firms are already developing apps for the system. Ikanos Consulting, a Nottingham-based firm in the UK, is currently developing a product called Paramedic Pro, which is designed to give paramedics access to medical records and stream video to the hospital to doctors can prepare for the patient’s arrival.

Motorola hopes to sell several thousand of its computer headsets in the first year. Priced around $3,000 to $4,000 each (£1,900 to £2,500), approximately the same price as a rugged laptop designed for use in extreme conditions, the cost is reasonably competitive.

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