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Naro-Tartaruga Turtle Bot UUV

Naro-Tartaruga Turtle Bot UUV

Nano-Tartaruga turtle bot effortlessly carries pay loads...

A new unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) inspired by the turtle could provide a more efficient solution for carrying payloads underwater. The Naro-Tartaruga, developed by a team of researchers from the ETH Zurich, imitates turtles movements underwater, and was created as part of a project to determine which is more effective; flapping fin or propellers.

We’ve already seen the BIOSwimmer Tune Bot, a new highly maneuverable UUV that borrows its design from the tasty fish, however the ET team says its new bot is easier to build, and will glide through water with more efficiency when carry cargo. Presumably, a bot with flippers could also ‘walk’ on land like the amphibious animal.

naro-tartaruga turtle bot uuv

Naro-Tartaruga Turtle Bot UUV

For now the prototype bot is made form a cylindrical aluminum vessel with flippers that mimic the movement of the turtle. In the future, the team will develop a more realistic turtle bot (as seen in the concept pic at the top of the page).

If the researchers can indeed conclude which design works best for robots operating underwater, it could inspire a whole new generation of autonomous UUVs.

naro-tartaruga turtle bot uuv prototype

Naro-Tartaruga Turtle Bot

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