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The Navy’s Command Center Of The Future

The Navy’s Command Center Of The Future

The new Navy Command Center Of The Future inspired by USS Enterprise?...

A prototype facility being built at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SPAWAR) in San Diego, may become the Navy’s new command center. And looking at the images, the place is clearly inspired by Star Trek.


The The Command Center of the Future (CCoF) prototype is designed to bring together senior decision makers from remote locations to make strategic decisions, discuss specific military engagements, or communicate with subordinate personnel around the world.

The facility will have artificial intelligence, 135-inch screens built into glass walls, huge multi-touchscreen desks and a whole bunch of other high-tech gear providing teleconferencing and media feeds.

Even the CCoF conference room bears a resemblance to the USS Enterprise Observation lounge.


Although the CCoF is currently unfinished, military VIPs invited to see the prototype still get a sense of where future technologies are taking us.

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