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Another Trojan Targets Macs

Another Trojan Targets Macs

New OSX SabPub Trojan targets mac computers…

More bad news for Mac users, yet another Trojan has been unleashed into the wild. The new virus, called Backdoor.OSX.SabPub.a, infects users by exploiting vulnerability in Microsoft Office.

Already one month old, the SabPub Trojan – like the infamous flashback Trojan – also uses a Java exploit to install itself, and does so undetected by antivirus and malware programs. Once installed on a machine it connects to command and control server in California.

The Trojan spreads through infected Office files, and searches through documents for anything it deems useful, passwords, personal data, bank account details, etc. Kaspersky Antivirus expert says it’s not clear exactly how the Trojan is spreading but thinks it’s likely to be due to inks sent via email.

Unfortunately Apple has yet to release a fix for this new threat, and even once it does finally get issued, how long will it be until the next virus, Trojan, or malware specially targeting Mac’s pops up? My guess it’s not too long at all.

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