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New Metamaterial Absorbs Light And Generates Heat

New Metamaterial Absorbs Light And Generates Heat

New Metamaterial Generates More Power Than Solar Panels

A collaborative research team with members from Duke University and Boston College has developed a metamaterial that can absorb 100% of the light reflected upon it.

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Metamaterial Absorbs Light Generates Heat

The metallic material can absorb both magnetic and electrical properties of electromagnetic waves over a certain frequency range and turn this light into heat.

Heat is known as one of the most efficient energy sources thus, this new metamaterial is capable of generating even more energy than solar cells.

The material is black, with currently rules out any camouflaging options but researchers are sure that there are many uses for this new metamaterial.

The fact that scientist are still searching for news to produce electricity shows that we have much to learn about producing electricity efficiently. It will be extremely interesting to see how this technology develops and where it takes us.

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New HighTed-EDGE

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