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New Sony Vaio Laptop Concept Designs

New Sony Vaio Laptop Concept Designs

New Unofficial Sony Concept Laptop Notebook Design Unveiled

Check out these great Sony Vaio concept designs that have been popping up on the net, they are certainly a step a head of the iMac concept designs we featured in January’s posts (click here to read iMac Concept Designs).

Sony Vaio Concept

Sony Vaio Concept

Although not official, these new Sony Vaio concept designs are really worth a mention. They feature a holographic glass screen that can go transparent and a keyboard that turns opaque when turned off.

Sony Viao Transparent Display Concept

Sony Viao Transparent Display Concept

Some of technology featured here is a way from being mastered to really perform well but the designs are certainly an interesting peek of things to come. Perhaps Sony will think about taking these ideas on board for their future range of Vaio laptops.

Sony Viao Laptop Computer Notebooks Finance

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  1. its too beautiful..
    too good for a workers.
    haha XD

  2. omgggggg i wannntt ittt sooo badd! mustt haveee must touchh! LOL!

  3. I can see through the crystall screen of this thin pad. man! i want one desperately! m in love with this pad 🙂

  4. A step ahead?! Its a design that came out AFTER the apple one and its the exact same concept applied to a laptop rather then a desktop. Bias?

  5. wow I so want this new laptop!

  6. sony vaio very good

  7. Wowww Love it MAN
    Want it

  8. could we get a kind like this in some glasses, I try to find transparente glasses to see things like text or basic things ( like read eht letter of a song) into the glasses

  9. how much is it? i want it!!!! hu hu

  10. very very very NICE

  11. How quick can sony put the laptop on the market. That will a real craze .. .:

  12. omg… its amazing.. i really want it.. when its coming in market?????????

  13. when it’ll be released? i desperatly need one of those god hand made things :D:D:D:D

  14. send me some specs plzzzzzzzzz. very nice!!!! is it out already?????????

  15. looks shite, cods much better ew, on 72 nukes on MW2 

    aahh damn

    boody ell

    weyy weyy

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