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New Wi-Fi Spec Better Than Bluetooth

New Wi-Fi Spec Better Than Bluetooth

A new Wi-Fi specification will allow devices to directly connect to one another, without the need for a wireless router...

Almost as soon as the 802.11n wireless standard became official in September, a new Wi-Fi specification is on the horizon – Wi-Fi Direct.

The new spec will allow devices such as phones, cameras, printers, computers, keyboards, and headphones to directly connect to one another, individually or to multiple devices.

Wi-Fi Alliance’s Marketing Director, Kelly Davis-Felner, said:

“This is going to be a quick and convenient way to use Wi-Fi in future to print, synch, share and display…

“The consumer is going to experience this as a very easy-to-use mechanism that will be quite seamless.”

Wi-Fi Direct is said to provided up to 250Mbps data transfer speeds and can connect any Wi-Fi device within a hundred meter range. It is also backward compatible with existing Wi-Fi standards.


The new spec will effectively turn gadgets into mini Wi-Fi access points, eliminating the need for home Wi-Fi routers. This could also mean hard times for the makers of Bluetooth, which is widely in use to provide similar wireless connections at much slower transfer speeds of 11Mbps.

Edgar Figueroa, Executive Director for the Wi-Fi Alliance, explained:

“Wi-Fi users worldwide will benefit from a single-technology solution to transfer content and share applications quickly and easily among devices, even when a Wi-Fi access point isn’t available,”

Wi-Fi Direct, was announced in the first week of October, by the Wi-Fi Alliance – a group that includes Intel (INTC), Cisco Systems (CSCO), Apple (AAPL), as well as 300 other manufacturers of Wi-Fi. Developers are now hoping the technology will make its way into devices by 2010.

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