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Next-Gen Handcuffs

Next-Gen Handcuffs

Next-gen handcuffs zap detainees and administer drugs…

Handcuff are one of the most utilized piece of equipment for law enforcement officers, but the popular detaining tool has received little in the way of upgrades since its inventions. A new patent, which would allow handcuffs to electric shock and administer medications, seeks to change that.

The next-gen handcuff patent, developed by Scottsdale Inventions under the name of “Apparatus and System For Augmented Detainee Restraint,” is configured to administer electrics shocks when certain conditions occur. These conditions could be detected by ‘internal control systems or by external controllers that transmit activation signals to the restraining device.’

Similarly, the handcuffs could also inject medicines to sedate, irritate or paralyze the detainee.

next-gen handcuffs

Next-Gen Handcuffs Administer Shocks And Drugs To Detainees

Of course there are those that worry the technology could put those with allergies or certain medical conditions at risk. There’s also concern on whether the technology will get abused as Tasers so frequently are.

Nevertheless, the high-tech approach to developing handcuff for the modern day is certainly a step up from the basic design that hasn’t changed much since its creation by W.V. Adams in 1862.

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  1. Chris Matyszczyk: Futuristic handcuffs would administer shocks, drugs. Cnet, 12/08/2012.
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  1. I wonder how much these hightech locks will cost?

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