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Crowd Sourcing Call For Next-Gen Military Vehicle Begins

Crowd Sourcing Call For Next-Gen Military Vehicle Begins

Call for new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle open to all..

The Army has just released it request for the next phase of its Joint Light tactical Vehicle, the next-gen military vehicle set to replace the classic Humvee.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) comes after defense contractors BAE Systems-Navistar, General Tactical Vehicles (GTV), and Lockheed Martin-BAE Systems all submitted competing designs. The next phase, Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD), is now open to all.

Army is looking for 20,00+ vehicles in six variants which include:

  • Utility/Shelter Carrier (JLTV-UTL)
  • Two seat; Close Combat Weapons Carrier (JLTV-CCWC)
  • Four seat; General Purpose (JLTV-GP)
  • Four seat; Special Purpose (JLTV-SP)
  • Heavy Guns Carrier (JLTV-HGC)
  • Command and Control on the Move (JLTV-C2OTM)

The cost of EMD is capped at $52 million, and will close in May 2012. The Army hopes that by offering the contract to all companies, new concepts can be brainstormed, developed and manufactured in a shorter period of time, with reduced costs.

flypmode joint-light-tactical-vehicle

Local Motors FlyPMode

Vehicles such as the FLYPmode have already proven that smaller companies have the ability to turn next-gen concepts into viable working prototypes.

The final design will be selected in 2015, with the winning company being awarded a contract for a minimum of 20,000 vehicles; 450 in the first year of production; 1200 in the second; 2,300 in the third; and 3,360 each year for the following five years. Estimate costs for one vehicle is between $230,000 – $270,000 depending on the variant, compared with the $180,000 for a recapped Humvee.

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