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9 Best Chemistry Science Videos

9 Best Chemistry Science Videos

9 YouTube video tutorial clips of the best chemistry chemical reactions that will shock and amaze you!

For all those who grew up watching the science shows like Mr. Wizard, Beakman’s World and Bill Nye the Science Guy, here is your chance to do your own science experiments at home (or just play it safe and watch) that are actually fun and amazing. Impress your family and friends by following these popular video tutorials that walk you through how to do each.

YouTube Science Experiments

YouTube Science Experiments

Please remember to follow all the directions and use all the proper equipment. Do not attempt these if you do not have the proper equipment or facility

9. Thermite vs. Liquid Nitrogen

One of the greatest scientific questions of all time: can liquid nitrogen freeze molten iron?

8. Gummy Bear Dies In Firework Display

Watch the helpless gummy bear explode when it is dropped into liquid potassium chlorate.

7. Scientist Spits Flaming Spores

A favorite circus trick. In this instance the scientist breaths fire by igniting a cloud of lycopodium spores.

6. Mysterious Reaction Creates an Undulating Brew

Here we see several clear liquids being poured into a beaker; the mixture then quickly changes colors, over and over again. This demonstration was perfected back in 1973 by two high school teachers Thomas Briggs and Warren Rauscher.

5. How to Make Stalagmites Instantly

Sodium acetate will suddenly crystallize if you prepare a saturated solution and pour it onto a seed crystal. This is same chemical reaction found in many hand warmers.

4. Elephant Toothpaste

If you mix concentrated hydrogen peroxide with dial soap and then add a pinch of sodium iodide, a fountain of oxygen-filled bubbles will erupt from the container.

3. How to Make Your Own Glow Sticks

Ever wondered how glow sticks generate light?

2. The Inner Life of A Cell

Animator John Liebler gave the world a look at the beautiful ballet of molecules which gives rise to life.

1. Magnesium Burning Between Bricks of Dry Ice

The pick of the bunch! Watch magnesium burn whilst sandwiched between two bricks of dry ice. This is possible because magnesium can combust in an atmosphere of pure carbon dioxide.

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