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Wii Fit Bikini Girls VS Guitar Hero Bikini Girls

Wii Fit Bikini Girls VS Guitar Hero Bikini Girls

The Wii Fit Bikini Girls Have A New Competitor, The Guitar Hero Bikini Girl with sexy skills on the Les Gibson guitar.

The Nintendo Wii Fit has had its fair share of press over the recent months, “selling out almost as quickly as it hits the retail shelves,” it’s not surprising that the world’s first and only virtual console is becoming so popular.

However there is one phenomenon spawning from the Wii, which the bods over at Nintendo may not have expected (or maybe they did?)……the ‘Wii Fit Bikini Girl’ videos. Whilst there may not be a rival competitor console wise, the bikini clad Wii Fit girl concept has a new challenger, the Guitar Hero Bikini Girl.

Ever since the very kind uploading of “Why ever guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit,” guys (and possibly girls) worldwide have been going crazy over the internet video sensation known as the Wii Fit Bikini Girls.

Playboy soon caught on too, quickly releasing several videos featuring Playboy’s ‘Cyber Girl Of The Year’ Joe Garcia playing Wii Fit in next to nothing.

But now, the Wii Fit faces a new competitor…some have said, “better game, better console, better body and better underwear”, now it’s up to the public to decide.

Regardless of the console or game being played, it’s certainly a possibility that this bikini wearing game playing trend is here to stay. So in our efforts to keep the trend alive, we have gathered up a few of the best bikini clad Wii Fit girls for your viewing pleasure.

Sexy Guitar Hero Gamer Girl

Sexy Guitar Hero Gamer Girl

Note: Not sure if the last video really helps keep the trend alive, but it’s worth a watch if you’ve been deprived from feminine contact for a long period of time!

Joe Garcia Snowboarding

Joe Garcia Wii Fit Workout

Why Every Guy Should Be Their Girlfriend Wii Fit 2

Emma Frain Wii Fit Workout

Lingerie Guitar Hero with Andie Valentino Penthouse Pet

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