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Flexible Nokia Smartphones

Flexible Nokia Smartphones

Nokia shows off its flexible smartphone concepts and prototypes...

Nokia has unveiled a flexible smartphone that it hopes will one day lead the way in new interface technologies.

The Nokia Kinetic Device, is the company’s latest take on a concept that was first shown off in 2008; a flexible AMOLED smartphone that only bends and twists, but actually controls apps as the users flexes the phone.

Demoed at the recent Nokia World 2011 event, 26-27th, London, the bendable phone can operate solely by flexing its body, no touchscreen required. The prototype on show was rather basic and lacked a working touchscreen, but did demonstrate how it can scroll through music and pictures.

flexible nokia smartphone

Nokia Kinect Device - Flexible Smartphone

Because the device is still more of a concept than a marketable phone, no specifications have been released, but it’s immediately clear that a flexible phone would be extremely useful in places where people need to where gloves, it could also open a new range of control options when coupled with a touchscreen or traditional buttons.

Furthermore, a flexible smartphone would be more rugged than its solid competition because the supple body would adsorb some of the force upon impact.

Nokia Kinetic Device; Flexible Smartphone

Another flexible concept from company is called the HumanForm. This teardrop-shaped phone is also just a concept and does not function, it was built to show how flexible smartphones of the future could be made; using a combination of flexible carbon nanotubes and other non-flexible materials.

Nokia Flexible HumanForm

Nokia is trying hard to keep it’s ahead afloat in the smartphone competition wars, unfortunately the company says the technology is at least two years away from being marketed, if at all, so the future of flex commands is still somewhat hazy.

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