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X-47B UCAS New Video Of First Flight

X-47B UCAS New Video Of First Flight

New edited version of Northrop Grumman’s X-47Bs first flight…

Northrop Grumman has put together this edited video clip of the X-47B’s first test flight which took place on the 4th February.

The original videos that were released showed the aircraft taxiing along the run away, taking off, flying and landing, but the clip was rather long and slow. The new edited version adds a little pace to the event, and it also includes some never-seen-before footage of the cockpit, control room, and the aerial maneuvers performed by the aircraft.

Video Credit: Northrop Grumman Media, 02/15/2011.

Unfortunately, the next video might not arrive on cue as bad weather has apparently halted the next test flight till next week, Ares defense blog reports.

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