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NVIDIA PhysX Particle Fluid Demo

NVIDIA PhysX Particle Fluid Demo

Check out this video clip of the PhysX technology running on NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards.

NVIDA have finally brought PhysX technology to its range of GeForce graphics cards.

Check out this tech demo captured from a machine running an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512 graphics card with Forceware 177.83 drivers and PhysX 08.08.01.

PhysX technology harnesses the power of the CPU as well as any CUDA general-purpose parallel computing processor – which can be found on any NVIDIA GeForce® 8 Series or higher GPU. Using PhysX technology it is possible to generate 10-20 times more visual complexity than traditional PC platforms. Bo Andersson, CEO at GRIN Entertainment said,

“Physics is changing the industry. We evaluated all of the commercial physics systems out there for gaming, and the choice was easy….

“We believe PhysX will help make the game seem even more lifelike and immersive.”

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