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NVIDIA Shield Portable Gaming Device

NVIDIA Shield Portable Gaming Device

Project Shield, NVIDA’s new portable gaming device…

NVIDIA has unveiled its new portable gaming device, Project Shield. Although the Shield is still a prototype – which means its name could change before the release date – company CEO Jen-Hsun Huang took to the stage at CES to give an overview of what we can expect.

The Shield bears a resemblance to an Xbox controller with an additional flip up 5-inch 720p retinal multi-touch display. The device features an A15 quad-core Tegra processor and runs on the Android operating systems. The onboard 802.11n 2x MIMO game-speed Wi-Fi provides enough bandwidth to stream 4K video to your TV, as well as access Steam, Android, TegraZone and PC games for those with compatible GeForce graphics cards.

Other notable features include onboard sound, a micro SD slot, and all standardized ports.

nvidia shield portable gaming

NVIDIA Project Shield

Aside from the computing power, the device’s main selling point is it’s full sized gaming console-grade controls with two analog joysticks and ample physical control buttons.

The battery provides up to 5-10 hours gameplay, which may not seem like a huge amount compared with other portable devices, but since all ports are standard, you’ll be able to charge it from any USB device.

nvidia project shield portable gaming device

NVIDIA Project Shield

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