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Stream Your Media With Orb

Stream Your Media With Orb

Access your media from anywhere, with Orb's remote streaming software...

If you’re based in Asia like me, then digital set-top boxes that provide services such as Hulu, Netflix and Apple TV are pretty much useless because streaming U.S (or UK) TV programs is in most cases, unavailable to those outside of the country’s borders.

And while nearly all set-top boxes such as the Roku box, Western Digital TV Live, Seagate’s FreeAgent Theater, Popcorn Hour C-200 and the Patriot Box, all offer personal media streaming capabilities, it seems costly to fork out for device that can’t work to its fullest ability, especially when you’ve already got the hardware required to stream your digital media wirelessly.

Those familiar with Windows Remote Desktop feature, which has apparently got much easier with the arrival of Windows 7, will know that with a little tinkering, you can wirelessly access all your files stored on a computer.

For those who don’t know a thing about the Remote Desktop there’s Orb. Orb is a free application for Windows and Mac.


With Orb, you can MyCast. MyCasting means you are free to create, enjoy and share all your favorite media at anytime and anyplace and on virtually any computer.

Once you have downloaded and installed the Orb application, go to the orb homepage and log in. From there you can access all your digital media from another computer or mobile device.

There is also an iPhone application, but this will cost you $10. Quite a difference from the FREE Windows and Mac versions.

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