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Panasonic Home Lithium Storage Battery

Panasonic Home Lithium Storage Battery

Panasonic home lithium battery can power a house for one week...

After officially acquiring more than 50 percent stake in Sanyo this month, Panasonic is planning to release the first ever home storage lithium-ion battery that the company claims will provide enough electricity to power an average Japanese home for a week.

The battery will also include a system that will allow users to monitor their electricity usage through their televisions.

Fumio Otsubo, president of Panasonic, in a recent interview:

“We’ll be the first to bring to the market a storage battery for home use, which can store sufficient electricity for about one week of use,”

Stressing that Panasonic and Sanyo have already test-manufactured a storage battery for home use, Otsubo added:”We’re positioned closest [among firms] to realizing CO2 emission-free daily life.”

Panasonic Home Storage Battery

Panasonic Home Storage Lithium-Ion Battery

With Sanyo as its new subsidiary, Panasonic plans to accelerate the development of the storage battery and it’s home-based TV-monitoring system.

Solar batteries for home use and fuel cells can generate power but cannot store electricity, making the development of a storage battery an urgent task for related businesses. Otsubo said:

“As we now have such power-generating products as solar power and fuel cells, there’ll be an opportunity to create a bigger business…In the area of automobile cells, we can deal with all kinds of eco-friendly cars such as hybrid cars or electric vehicles,”

Otsubo said his company will announce its basic ideas with regards to reorganizing the two firms’ growth strategies and overlapping product lines–such as large household appliances–on Jan. 8, while presenting specific ways to deal with the overlapping lines of business when the company announces its settlement of accounts in May.

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  1. Green Energy Planning Services level 24 – 10 Eagle Street Brisbane Queensland Australia are interested to know more about your home electricity storage battery.

  2. Excellent comment arizona guy. I almost fully agree. The responsibility is hight indeed, but not as high as a gas station has on a daily basis without incidents happening. Think of high dangerous and volatile gas is, of the distribution network, smoking and electricity dangers etc. And also let’s keep in mind that we NEED to go Eco, it’s not a matter of choice anymore… hasn’t been for years actually but we refuse to see that.

  3. When these batteries will produced ? where to buy ? and how much price expectation … ?

  4. I and many islanders here are going off grid, also I have a cabin on a lake off grid and am looking for more efficient and more storage capacity. Your batteries are interesting. I was waiting to see what hydrogen systems will be developed for home power sources but I would like to know more about your batteries. Could you please send all available info , r storage capacity…size..weight..cost..availability in Canada etc…. I may possibly become an agent for you too.

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