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Panasonic Toughbook

Panasonic Toughbook

Panasonic’s new Toughbook tablet PC promises to be the most durable and secure laptop on the market...

The new Panasonic Toughbook is the company’s hopeful candidate to elevate the table PC into the realm of ‘Enterprise grade’.

This rugged 10.1-inch Android tablet, announced at Infocom, Orlando, FL., June 17th, promises a virtually indestructible design and unmatched security, making it the perfect choice for military service members and DODs, as well as home care, medical and other emergency services that routinely work in an outdoor or extreme operating environment.

panasonic toughbook tablet pc

Panasoinc Toughbook Tablet PC

Rance Poehler, president, Panasonic Solutions Company said:

“The vast majority of tablet devices—regardless of the OS—are engineered for consumers and don’t offer appropriate levels of security and durability or the functionality needed for business use.”

Although specifications haven’t been released, we do know that the Toughbook will replace the typical glossy screens found on most tablets and laptops for a 10.1-inch XGA matte screen, which is easily viewable in daylight. The device will also include an active stylus for signatures, as well as 3G/4G, Wireless, Bluetooth and GPS.

panasonic toughbook tablet pc-1

Panasonic Toughbook Tablet PC

panasonic toughbook tablet pc-2

Panasonic Toughbook Tablet PC

Like all other computers in the Toughbook range, the new Toughbook tablet has been designed with ‘security embedded at the hardware level’ and offers a level protection unrivaled by any device in the tablet market to date.

The new Toughbook tablet is not the Panasonic’s first, however it is certainly sleeker and more attractive than its predecessor, the Toughbook H2 already on the market. The company aims to have its new Toughbook readied for sale in the fourth quarter of this year.

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