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PETMAN Robot Works Outs

PETMAN Robot Works Outs

The PETMAN bipedal humanoid readies itself for U.S. Army testing…

Boston Dynamics, the company responsible for the BigDog and the AlphaDog to name a few, has released a new video clip of its PETMAN anthropomorphic robot performing a range of tasks with the grace of human.

In the clip, released to public Monday 31st, Oct, the PETMAN, or Protection Ensemble Test Mannequin, can be seen working out; doing push ups, squats, and running on a treadmill.

Often compared to the famous T-800 cyborg in the Sci-Fi classic Terminator, the PETMAN got its initial $26.3M budget in 2009 from the Army who were looking for a bipedal humanoid to help test chemical clothing for the military. The bot has come a long way since, and is now expected to delivered some time next year.

Standing 6 feet tall and weighing around 180lbs, PETMAN mimics human physiology and also generated heat and sweating for added realism. The bot is scheduled to receive a head, however the team says it’s a little behind in getting the articulated next mechanism working.

The company has already demonstrated the stability of its BigDog and AlphaDog quadruped bots, and judging by the recent video clip, the PETMAN performs equally as well.

Although the primary application of the PETMAN bot is to test chemical clothing, it will also be able to assist in a wide range of situations including search and rescue in dangerous environments, President Marc Raibert, said:

“Places like the Fukushima reactors could be accessed by Petman-like robots (or AlphaDogs), without requiring any human exposure to hazardous materials. Perhaps firefighting inside of buildings or facilities designed for human access, like on board ships designed for human crews.” [IEEE Spectrum]

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