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Pimped-Out Bomb Shelters

Pimped-Out Bomb Shelters

Made to measure or ready to install...the best bomb shelters available to buy…

Where do the rich, famous, and sensible people hide when war is upon the door step? In the most pimped out bomb shelters and hardened structures of course.

And ‘where exactly can I buy a decked out war shelter ready to install’ I hear you say? Surprisingly enough, there are quite a few companies out there ready to cater to your needs.

The Best Bomb Shelters Available To Buy

Vivos Underground Bunker

For a luxurious, communal experience during a nuclear holocaust, San Diego inventor and real-estate entrepreneur Robert Vicino is your man. He is selling about 200 spaces in the 13,000 square-foot for $50,000 a head.

Hardened Structures Fortified Home

If you prefer the idea of modifying your existing home into an impenetrable fortress, Brain Camden and the folks at Hardened Structures can install a ballistic level 8 hardened exterior to any wall of your choosing.

hardened structures fortified home

Fortified Home

The $200 per square foot home protection can withstand automatic weapon fire, and a 10 kiloton improvised nuclear device.
The company also builds bomb shelters for around $600 per square foot.

Hardened Structures Converted Missile Silos

When it comes to being sheltered from nuclear weapons, military missile silos may offer some of the best protection there is.

Fortunately after the Cold War ended, the U.S. disarmed its Atlas and Titan missiles silos leaving nothing behind except a hardened underground lair just waiting to be re-fitted. Hardened Structures undertook that task.

converted missile silo

Converted Missile Silo

“Back in the ’90s, you could just snap one of those up,” Camden says. “For $250,000, you got the silo plus 10 acres of land.”

With everything already in place, all you need to do is install electrical systems, ventilation and filtration equipment upgrades – a task that might only set you back ‘a couple of hundred thousand.’

CAT25 and Earthcom Condo Dome Shelter Radius Engineering

Radius Engineering is a company that offers several shelter unit solutions. Owned by Walton McCarthy, author of Principles of Protection: U.S. Handbook of Weapon Fundamentals and Shelter Engineering Design Standards, Radius’ top selling bomb shelters include the CAT25 and the Earthcom Dome.

radius cat25 bomb shelter

CAT25 and Earthcom Dome

Customers can choose any of Radius’ shelters and have them connected together underground like a hamster playpen. All units are built from fiberglass, have no thermal or metallic signature and therefore are impervious to radar. They are ‘bright, light, dry, airtight, watertight, and even bugtight’ says McCarthy.

The $320,000 CAT25, can house up to 25 people for up to five months. It comes with filtration systems built to handle nuclear, biological and chemical events, and has about 8 feet of head room.

The $420,000 Earthcom Dome is a 60 x 20 foot shelter that can serve as an atrium linked to other Radius units. It can also be used a single unit complete with a shower, kitchen and living room.

earthcon dome

Earthcon Dome and CAT25

Apparently the shelters are selling fast, “The government is buying up all the shelters,” McCarthy says. “We can’t make enough.”

Northwest Shelter Systems

If you have solid rock on your land, why not get NWSS to build you a unique rock encased shelter? The company can “create tunnels, vaults and elevator shafts’ in solid rock, offering ‘the ultimate in protection and safety from nuclear blasts and or radiation as well as Bio-Chemical threats.’

north west shelter systems

Rock Encased Bomb Shelter

KI4U Mini Blast Shelter

mini blast shelter

KI4U Mini Blast Shelter

Mini Blast Shelter is a simple 12-foot long galvanized, corrugated road culvert – the exact same kind used in drainage systems – with a pair of blast-proof entry and exit hatches welded to the top.

Developed by KI4U, the Mini Blast Shelter is one of the most affordable prefabricated shelters available.

The whole things comes ready to bury, and can apparently be installed in just one afternoon. KI4U’s Shame Connor says but might be a little cramped, “but when something nuclear happens, and it’s inevitable, it’s better than the alternative ”

“Sheltering is only essential for the first couple of days, and most people can hunker down for two or three days until the worst is past,” he added.

Utah Shelter Systems

utah shelter systems

Utah Shelter Systems

Utah Shelter Systems is a firm that builds blast-hardened steel shelters in nine different sizes ranging from 8 x 32 feet to 10 x 50 feet.

Owned by Sharon Packer, current director of the American Civil Defense Association, and Paul Seyfried, the company generally provide shelters for the cautious upper class.

“I would say about 80 percent of our customers are either lawyers or physicians. These aren’t survivalists running around in the woods. They’re conservative bunches of people with their eyes open to threats. They understand deductive reasoning, and they’re in the business of solving problems.” Packer said.

The units are designed to be buried 8 – 10 ft below ground and should withstand cataclysmic weather events, chemical or biological attacks, solar flares, electromagnetic pulses, nuclear explosions and fallout.

Starting at $40,000, the shelters come equipped with furniture-grade flooring, bunk beds, and all the essential wiring and filtration systems.

Additional bunks can be bought for $350, 4-foot storage shelves the same, and a kitchen sink with an 8-foot counter is $1140. Packer says she even installs couches on occasion. “Some of them, they deck them out really nicely.”

“I would say about 80 percent of our customers are either lawyers or physicians. These aren’t survivalists running around in the woods. They’re conservative bunches of people with their eyes open to threats. They understand deductive reasoning, and they’re in the business of solving problems.”

Ark Two Survival Community

ark two survival community

Ark Two

For those based out in Ontario you’ll need look no further than Bruce Beach, a computer scientist, trained radiological scientific officer, and expert bomb-shelter builder.

He has built “over two dozen shelters” in his lifetime, with Ark Two being his self-hailed masterpiece.

Ark Two is built from forty-two stripped-out school buses which provide the base of the compound. Beach then covered the whole structure in thousands of pounds of concrete and topped it off with 14 feet of soil, effectively rendering Ark Two completely impenetrable to anything short of a direct nuclear strike.

The compound has a library, a conference room, a laundry room, a kitchen, separate day rooms and sleeping quarters for girls, boys, teens and adults with enough space and supplies for about 350 people.

Unfortunately Ark Two is not for sale, and we’re not quite sure how you go about securing a spot. It would seem like Beach isn’t too sure either, he said, “Well, number one, you need to be here when it happens.”

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