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Sexy Playboy Model in Video Uses Wii Fit

Sexy Playboy Model in Video Uses Wii Fit

Why Nintendo's Wii Fit is a Great Thing to Buy Your Girlfriend - or - why you should look for a wii gamer girl.

A series of internet videos from Playboy and other girl gamers have been causing a stir amongst the guys recently. One of the popular YouTube videos show Playboy model Jo Garcia working out on the Wii Fit wearing exactly what you’d expect from a Playboy Model, very little. Lets observe the why the features of the Wii:

Playboy model Jo Garcia is a self confessed gamer, she open admits to being a computer geek and says she would rather stay at home with her PS3 than go out to live the wild glam life style of a model. Shes also claim the title of “Cyber Girl Of The Year,” beating out 52 weeks of rival models in an online-only competition.

“People don’t understand that that the whole gaming world is not just for geeks, and assume that every person who plays video games is a geek that wears glasses,”
“It’s a misnomer that needs to be put to rest.”

Garcia also tells how she loves to play Nintendo DS and PSP,

“It’s something that I carry with me everywhere, like some people carry their iPods. It’s the norm to me. I’ve had people send me messages like, ‘oh you play video games?’ And I’m like, ‘why are you so surprised?”

As far as Garcia is concerned, gaming is one of the best things in life,

“If I could get a job… being a game tester, I would do that all day long.”

These internet video’s from Playboy, showing Jo working out on the Wii Fit system, have been gaining popularity on the net, and its not really difficult to see why.

Besides the fact that your girl might actually improve her health and physic, there are other obvious benefits for all the boyfriends who so happen to see their other working out on the Wii Fit.

Another increasingly popular internet video also demonstrates the most beneficial part of buying your girlfriend the Wii Fit Kit, and is so aptly named, “Why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit”

Apparently the girl in the video, Lauren Bernat, 25, didn’t know she was being filmed – which explains the casual underwear – so thanks go out to boyfriend Giovanny Gutierrez who also found out how much fun Wii Fit time can be.

We’re pretty sure that now millions of people have seen the Wii Fit put to good use, there is a waiting list of disgruntle guys trying to get their hands on one. And although Nintendo firmly deny any connection to the armature video, it has certainly raised the profile of the Wii fit.

With more to come I am sure. Any ladies can feel free to send their home Wii episodes in. We not be able to get you Ms. Jo but we can sure help out getting you a Nintendo Wii game system and games.

Sexy Gamer Girl

Sexy Gamer Girl

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