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POC Receptor BUG Helmet With Beats Audio

POC Receptor BUG Helmet With Beats Audio

Ride in style with the POC Receptor Bug helmet featuring Beat Audio...

Just when you thought Beats Audio couldn’t branch out further from its music production roots the designer audio brand has unveiled its new line of Receptor BUG Helmets, made in conjunction with POC, with built-in headphones.

Aside from the Beats Audio headphones, the helmet – which is based on one of POC’s most popular models – also features a remote control, which is compatible with most smartphones. The remote allows the user to answer calls and change songs without taking the phone of their pocket.

poc receptor bug beats audio helmet

POC Receptor Bug Helmet With Beats Audio

Another handy little feature is that the Beats Audio component, which is attached to the neck roll, is sold separately so those who already own a POC helmet don’t have to fork out for the full system.

Receptor BUG/Beats helmets will be available in January.

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New HighTed-EDGE

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