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U.S. Soldier Helmet Cam Goes Viral

U.S. Soldier Helmet Cam Goes Viral

U.S. Soldier’s firefight with insurgents in Kunar Province that was captured on his helmet cam goes viral…

A U.S. Soldier who captured a vicious firefight between himself and insurgents in Kunar Province on helmet cam, decide to share his braveness with the rest of world, and unsurprisingly it’s now gone viral.

In the clip the unnamed soldier makes a heroic dash downhill toward the compound in an attempt to hold off fire.

Spotted within seconds, an onslaught of bullet reigns towards the solider, who quickly runs for cover. During the stand off the soldier was hit four times, but did return back to base without sustaining any permanent injuries.

Unfortunately the helmet cam died before the end of the firefight, nevertheless, the clip is great insight into how real war is, and how these brave troops put their lives on the line in the name of the country.

The YouTube channel the video was originally posted on, was created by a Canadian Afghanistan war veteran who also created the support group ‘Military Minds.’

The clip is part of series of video documenting the war in Afghanistan, so if you enjoyed this, you’ll be happy to know there’s more to come!

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