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Precision Urban Hopper Jumps 25 FT

Precision Urban Hopper Jumps 25 FT

The Precision Urban Hopper UGV is designed to reduce military causalities...

A video clip (shown below) released by the Sandia National Laboratory demos DARPA’s Precision Urban Hopper for the first time.

The rugged unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), primarily designed to reduce military casualties by providing reconnaissance, is capable of leaping over 25-foot tall obstacle without sustaining any damage.


The hopper is roughly the size of a shoebox, guided by GPS, and uses a piston-powered leg to hurdle over 7 meters high. Jon Salton, a program manager at Sandia, said the hopper aims to:

“Bolster the capabilities of troops and special forces engaged in urban combat.”

Funded by DARPA and developed by Sandia and Boston Dynamics, the Precision Urban Hopper is set to be delivered in 2010.

Sandia said hopping has “shown to be five times more fuel-efficient than hovering,” when it comes to getting around obstacles less than 30 feet tall. It added that other potential applications of the Hopper include law enforcement, homeland security, search and rescue, and exploring other planets.

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