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Predator Facial Armor Wins Award

Predator Facial Armor Wins Award

The Predator Full Facial Armor System by Mtek

To help protect soldiers from shrapnel and other flying debris of war, Mtek Weapons Systems have developed a facial armor system that can be used in conjunction with currently fielded helmets. The helmet looks like something between a cross of a Star Wars Storm Trooper and a Predator mask.

The Kevlar Predator System recently took runner up prize, in PTC’s “Redefining Innovation Product Design Contest 2008.” As the following pictures will show, with a little customization you can add a whole lot of fear and deterrence to the already formidable looking mask.

The Predator Facial Armor System (FAST) was designed by marine Ben Mahan, who after serving Iraq, decided that a full facial armor system which did not degrade or inhibit a soldier’s peripheral vision, could go a long way to saving lives of our troops on the front lines.

“There are a lot of facial injuries. I’ve had friends currently over there who have been injured in the face,” said the Mtek employee who served in operation Iraqi Freedom:

“After I got back from Iraq in 2003 I noticed we were lacking face protection. So I went out and tried to find facial armor or something I could take because I had to return back with my unit. I wasn’t able to find anything,” he said.

The Predator Armor System is widely used by vehicle mounted personnel and crew served weapons operators.

As the following video will demonstrate. It can protect a melon from a close range shot from a 44 magnum. We don’t recommend trying this with your melon.

UPDATE: MTEK G4 Facial Armor Coming soon!

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  1. MTek Weapon Systems: Predator Facial Armor System
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  1. Far out that helmet iz ugly!

  2. JubJub: yeah because that matters to a soldier who might not get their face fucked up thanks to a helmet like that. Moron.

  3. Yeah, just what we need…..more weight and I’m sure it feels great to have something obstructing the little bit of air flow you have. Stupid.

  4. Na that looks pretty cool, just think you could paint a mouth on it or something like they do with airplanes!

  5. @JubJub:

    I don’t think the soldiers that get shrapnels blown in their faces care if the helmet is ugly or not.

  6. lets just go with a storm trooper helmet and call it good

  7. Did you see what the pilots of the Joint Strike Fighter (F-35 Lightning II) are wearing? That is a futuristic bad boy helmet and I am sure it is a lot heavier. If the Air Force can handle the weight, I am sure our soldiers will have no problem with this one. Plus, with the future combat uniform, heavy lifting should be no problem.

  8. The face unit is meant for vehicle crews and soldiers in fixed positions, not for running and jumping. After all, there is a lot of added bulk for the neck to support, and it restricts airflow, so it’s a bit bulky for more physical performance.

    Making it lighter and thinner would make it much less effective and pointless. I think it’s a pretty good design – simple, solid and effective. There’s already too much complicated equipment in the U.S. kit.

  9. that looks heavy! At night, with your Night Vision and that facemask you’d have a hard time keeping your head up.

  10. This helmet negates stock weld and other things regarding the rifles sights. I dont support it.

  11. RICH.

    you do realize that JSF pilots sit in the cockpit through the entire mission right. they are not on the ground traveling terrain that would put half of the American population in to nothing short of a heart attack.

    i see what your trying to say though but the exoskeleton that will double our soldiers strength isn’t going to be deployed any time soon. unfortunately.

  12. ok im a marine. ive been in for 3 and a half years, ive been deployed twice to iraq. i ran convoys over 15000 miles and seen my share of shit.. so im not some pog

    this is a horrible idea.. you know how hot it is in the summer???? no marine i know will ever wear that.. yeah it will save lives, but its just another piece of useless gear that will sit and not be used.. we had kevlar face shields, some guys liked them, most didnt cause they were too heavy..

    it sucks enough as it is to wear your kevlar for 3 days straight

    it wont works with nvgs..or binos…

    tell me how you would be able to put accurate fire down range with that thing on your cant!

  13. @Mac

    I can only try to relate to the hardships our service members face. However, I was only trying to make a in-direct statement that our Soldiers and Marines are some of the toughest in the military.

    I am not sure, but I think there were other prototypes and models that offer more in protection and services, but they were declined because of weight. The military considered weight and it was mentioned in the contract. Although it will be more cumbersome, it seems it will be better overall. Time will tell.

  14. @ Rob Marine

    Unfortunately, I have heard and read countless stories of Marines who disregard added protection, because it impedes their mission.

    (Check out this story:

    This mask may not be suited for all or most conditions, but on the drawing board it works. Out in the field it is a different story. Everything improves in time and nothing is perfect. Hopefully, comments of actual experience crates a new generation of masks that are even better.

  15. I am not sure how much it weights or how much it will affect vision, but by the look of it, it does not look heavy and it seems to give enough eye room. But I guess when it comes to life and death every little bit counts.

  16. Would probably better suit Counter Terrorist units and SWAT Teams.

  17. The nose part in the middle is too bulky – although it doesn’t obstruct peripheral vision that thick of a nose would decrease depth perception until the body learns to adjust to it.

    And anyway, we shouldn’t be spending money on new equipment right now — from the sounds of it, soldiers need their current equipment repaired/replaced/upgraded to the proper standards

  18. i’ve seen testing on this mask before and it works…it does exactly what it is supposed to…i highly recommend it to any of our armed forces…for any questions go to:

    the heaviest version of this mask weighs under 0.9lbs…and as for air flow, the soldiers that are currently using them have not complained about that or the heat….the mask actually protects from the sun which in turn will keep you cool

  19. My son who is has been to Iraq twice let me heft his armour. That stuff is heavy,man.I know it makes the job safer but can the soldier do his mission in high temperatures carrying the load of all this stuff.Even with hydration bags its got to be rough.I would say get the opinion of the grunt before you order him to use this.


  21. This is meant for soldiers in in fixed position not running around. I’ve seen plenty of combat injuries resulting from debris to the face.

    As far as airflow, it looks to have enough room to be able to install some sort of fan to aid in that.

    BOB… go fuck yourself. If you like it or not, you wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for a soldier sometime, somewhere. So fuck off and die. Your wasting air.

  22. @XIII

    Right, for a fixed position it makes more sense. Also, vehicle mounted personnel are trying to limit the airflow while moving.

  23. This is a very old picture, the first generation mask. If you visit MTek’s website you can see pictures of the newer version. It was meant for mounted positions originally, but is now being used for just about anyone, drivers, doorkickers, etc…

    it sits off the face roughly 3 inches so it does not restrict airflow and totally keeps the sun off your face, as far as the weight goes the mask weighs less than a pound and can stop an 7.62X39 at 25 meters.

    I know the guys that invented and developed this, all combat deployed Marines, they know the hardships and have taken all these things into account. This piece of gear has already saved lives, and faces, it is proven. You can’t argue with the 2000 Marines at the Marine Corps South Expo who all want one. If you have seen combat or know anyone with a severe facial injury you cant dispute protecting your face is a priority.

    It fits on all helmets currently in use with no modifications required, you can use all standard communication equipment, eye pro, nvgs no prob.

    Check out the website, you’ll see. The guy in those pictures was fragged 2x both times sustaining hits to the face, he has not a scratch due to this piece of gear…

  24. It weighs less than a pound.It shield against all types of ballistics from shrapnel to 7.62. Yes it is meant for machine gunners and drivers but it has gained more popularity among soldiers on the ground and special warfare units. With the new innovations in combat technology and optics advancements it would not surprise me if the predator system becomes standard issue.

  25. can you say juggernaut from cod mw2

  26. Hmm though it doesn’t completely explode the melon it is questionable whither that would matter or not. The concussive force might be more than enough to kill or at the very least knock someone unconscious (meaning u still have a head…but ur still dead). And, in real life unlike the movies being knocked out like that for more then a minute or too can lead to brain damage or death. Or knocked out and u choked to death on ur own blood from ur shattered jaw maybe. Good idea though, needs more testing before combat testing. Look at Bicycle helmets, studies have found that they increase the feeling of safety to a point that people engage in riskier behavior. I could totally see a soldier feeling “safer” because of this and say leaning further from behind cover than they should.

  27. everyone is bringing valid points with possible weight and heat issues but what im concerned about is the issues this may cause with civilians. maybe its just stupid caditiot thinking but people in afghanistan are already having problems with not seeing our face and this wouldnt help. priority is of course protecting soldiers just an observation from an rotc cadet

  28. What I am wondering about this face protection is how good you can hear someone talking wearing it. In a combat scenario when you need to communicate with other soldiers I feel like there would be too much noise being made to hear someone clearly through it.

  29. Wouldn’t that interfere with a soldier resting his cheek on the stock? Aiming could be difficult. Also is it heavy?

  30. These things are a total waste of money for what soldiers/Marines would need them for. They do not stop rifle bullets. They only go up to IIIA, powerful handgun bullets.
    If it was rated III then it would be worth getting.  Give it another 20 years.  By then they may even have super compact thermal goggles to go with it.

  31. Looks like they made a better one than what is shown here.

    They say it can stop AK bullets. But I’d like to see it before believing it.

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