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Proteus Is Underwater Predator Drone

Proteus Is Underwater Predator Drone

Ross Lindmen's Proteus submarines could be the unmanned underwater vehicle the Navy has been looking for…

On display at the recent Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, May 17 – 19th, 2011, the autonomous Proteus submarine is Ross Lindman’s answer to an underwater predator-type drone.

The Proteus, which takes inspiration from the U.S. Militaries popular Predator unmanned air vehicle, is an optimally manned/unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) that is capable of carrying 1600 lbs of cargo either side, as well as 400 lbs of gear inside its 25ft frame.

proteus underwater vehicle

Proteus Underwater Drone

Either side of the sub there are 220lbs bomblets and inside there is room enough for up to 7 Navy SEALs, albeit in rather cramped conditions.

Weighing a total of 6200 lbs, the Proteus can carry a range of ordnance including the MK67 Submarine Launched Mobile Mine and the MK-54 torpedo. It can also the carry the kamikaze anti-mine bot, the Sea Fox, and is packed with a range of cameras and sensors that make it perfect for surveillance, as well as underwater strike missions.

Although the Proteus has not received any military funding, Adm. Gary Roughead, the outgoing chief of naval operations recently called for a long-range UUV that can go for months without exposing human submariners to risk.

Unfortunately, the Proteus doesn’t quite meet these specifications, and has yet to begin trials at sea. Its projected range is just 324 nautical miles, which is equal to 92 hours travelling time, and its max speed is only 10knots.

Nevertheless, the underwater trails will no doubt give Lindman the necessary data to improve on the design that he hopes will eventually meet the requirements to be considered for military deployment.

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  1.   Ten knots only? At 90 some hours of operating time, it might be a very long mission. Can’t we do better?

  2. They will do much better, this is the best vehicle I have seen as of yet for today’s silent service.

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