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Jailbroken PS3s May Be Remotely Banned If Played Online

Jailbroken PS3s May Be Remotely Banned If Played Online

Sony PS3 hacked, but at what cost?

If you haven’t already heard the Sony PS3 – the last next gen console to be hacked – has finally been jail-broken. However the news isn’t all good, apparently Sony is going to hunt down hacked PS3s online and issue remote bans.

psjailbreak ps3 usb dongle hack

PSJailBreak For PS3

A post on PS3 Hacks warned:

“Sony does currently ban PSN/consoles that results in the 8002A227 error code…[So], as people start getting their PSjb in the next few weeks, we highly advise that you do not log into PSN while using the backup manager, which means no playing online.”

The new jailbreak comes in the form of a ‘modchip’ that ‘allows games to be copied and played from a hard drive.’ The chip, developed by PSJailbreak, claims to be the first easy hack solution for the console.

“PS Jailbreak is a USB plug-and-play solution that installs in seconds, keeping your valid warranty seal intact”

The device also claims to reduce glitches and lag by playing games directly off the hard drive, which is faster than the console’s Blu-ray drive.

The USB dongle is already so popular that is has sold out. A statement from the American PSJailbreak store shoppsjailbreak explains:

“We are sorry to say that we are currently not accepting sales online for the PS Jailbreak as we are currently out of stock.”

Although the device is currently hard to find, it shouldn’t stay that way forever as the demand increases to grow. The big question is, ‘what is more important to users, copied games or online gaming?’

Disclaimer: We do not advise or condone users jail-breaking their PS3s. We cannot be held responsible for any problems resulting from doing so.

Update: Sony has won a court battle to ban the PS3Jailbreak USB stick in Australia. However the PS3 jail-breaking code has been release on the internet under the name of PSGroove, for anyone willing to implement it.

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