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PlayStation Move Motion Controller

PlayStation Move Motion Controller

Motion control comes to PlayStation 3….

Sony’s answer to the motion control gaming trend is upon us. The company first unveiled the device at last year’s Game Developers Conference. Back it didn’t have a name, but now following its official launch at this year’s GDC held last month, not only do we have a name but an estimated release date too.

The aptly name PlayStation Move will be available this fall, and will ship as part of a PS3 bundle, or in a $100 starter kit with a Move, a PlayStation eye camera and a game.

PlayStation Move

PlayStation Move

The PlayStation Move works using its motion controllers and the PlayStation eye camera to track body movements.

Sony has hailed as the device as the “next generation of motion gaming”, claiming Move to be extremely precise with a latency similar to that of the DualShock3.

The wand-like device looks similar to a microphone – bar the LED-lit white ping-pong sphere – and comes coupled with “sub controller” sporting analog sticks.

With over 33 million PS3s in use Sony has a huge customer base to compete with the rival Nintendo Wii, a console that has sold more than 67.5 million. However it could be a little too late as Microsoft gears up to release its motion controller for Xbox, Project Natal. Bearing in mind there are 39 million Xboxes in use worldwide, Xbox’s Project Natal may have the upper hand.

Peter Dille, Sony’s senior vice president for marketing and PlayStation said:

“We like to think that the migration path between Wii households and PlayStation households is a natural path,”

Sony has unveiled numerous games designed for use with the PlayStation Move. Demos have included Little Big Planet, Move Party, Sports Champions, and a couple of action / RPG games.

The company says the goal is to “not only to engage casual gamers, but to use the precision of the controller to create new experiences for core gamers”

Shuehei Yoshida, Sony’s president for worldwide studios, said Move will “demonstrate that the motion controller for PS3 will be the solution for both casual and hard-core gamers alike” and that the types of games Sony can create with it are “amazingly diverse.”

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