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Quartz Glass Stores Information Forever

Quartz Glass Stores Information Forever

New quartz storage could hold precious data forever…

Hitachi has unveiled a new data storage media, which it claim can hold data forever, even after being subjected to extreme conditions.

The new data storage media is made from a piece of quartz glass, an extremely stable material often used to make laboratory instruments. The sheets of quartz can withstand extreme temperatures up to 1000 degrees and be exposed to direct flames for up to two hours. The chip is also waterproof and resistant to chemicals and radio waves.

Senior researcher Takao Wantanabe said: “We believe data will survive unless this hard glass is broken.”

quartz glass stores data forever

Quartz Data Storage Holds Information Forever

The data is etched in binary into the glass, and can be read with an ordinary optical microscope. The binary is stored on four layers, which can hold around 40 megabytes per square inch (similar to a CD), but researchers are working to increase its capacity by adding more layers of storage.

The quartz currently measures 0.8 x 0.8 inches and is just 0.08 inches thick, however in the future the researchers believe they will not only be able to increase the number of binary layers, they will also be to reduce the size.

Since CDs and hard drive only last a few decades, or a century at most, the company hopes its new almost indestructible technology will revolutionize the way we store data.

Hitachi says it has not decide when it will begin to put the chip to use, but researchers said they could start by providing the new storage media for government agencies, museums and religious organizations.

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